Thalasso Working Group

Summary of the working group

Marlies Sobczak

The Thalasso working group is a cooperation between ESPA and the DHV. Marlies Sobczak is the leading boardmember NL and Mr. Wilhelm Loth director Staatsbad of the Thalasso island Norderney.

The Thalasso working group has the focus on the future of Thalasso and  professionalization and innovation within the health and lifestyle sector. The group has the objective to make an important step in bringing Thalasso closer to people in intensive cooperation within European countries. Especially in our time where there is more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle, also in relation to our surrounding nature, climate and focus on sustainability. All this under medical supervision and with the use of services of professionals. In the conviction that at the coast, with the influence of a seaside location and a healthy maritime climate, the conditions are optimal to respond to a market where there is not only demand, but where the need for prevention and awareness is concretely visible. It is almost an assignment for DHV and ESPA to further develop these opportunities and translate them into a future-oriented offer.

During the annual congress of DHV in Norderney, october 2022, the future program from the ESPA working group  are presented. The aim is to meet once a year as a working group on the European level.

There is now an extensive document containing several (scientifically) substantiated reports in which the effects of Thalassotherapy are described and the latest insights are expressed. The documents and publications were obtained through various channels from Romania, Germany and France.


Marlies Sobczak: “It is ESPA’s assignment to further develop opportunities for Thalasso”

We recently spoke to Marlies Sobczak, project manager of ESPA’s Thalasso working group, who played a pivotal role in bringing the annual congress of the DHV to Norderney. Marlies provided valuable insight into the event and the activities of the Thalasso group.