Bulgaria is a beautiful small country, located in Southeast Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.

The country offers perfect conditions for tourism due to its sea, winter and health resorts, as well as numerous historical and cultural sites.

There are 4 seasons – a mild winter, green and fresh spring, golden autumn, a warm and welcoming sea, passable green mountains, hundreds of mineral springs, picturesque lakes, and crystal clear small rivers. Each season offers a large variety of colours, scents and sensations, which make Bulgaria a wonderful and desired destination all year round.

Bulgaria is also known for the variety of thermal springs – from a cold mineralspring 12 C ° in the spa resort Voneshta voda, to the hottest thermal spring – the only geyser on our Continent with over 100 C ° in the town Sapareva Banya, from weakly mineralized water (120 mg / l) with excellent organoleptic properties also as drinking water to the highly mineralized medicinal water springs. The Romans were very interested in these thermal springs. Around the thermal springs they built baths all over the country for the health of the Roman soldiers like in Hisariya and Kyustendil, in Varna. Today our thermal hotel and therapeutic baths with modern Balneology therapy centers and wellness facilities are located in these historical health resorts and in well-known holiday destinations.

The main argument, in addition to the natural attractions (forests, seaside) are the climatic conditions. In Bulgaria you will experience a friendly and healthy climate, even in the off-seasons. In the practice, thalasso, helio, balneology and peloid therapy can be carried out at the same time on our Black Sea coast in summer and in winter sport like skiing can be combined with the healing power of thermal springis even in the mountain on 1500 m level. This spa centers are located in green and sustainable regions.


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The location of Bulgaria in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, as well as its diverse relief, determine the favourable climatic conditions for the development of year-round tourism. Thus, in the summer, thalasso, helio, balneo and peloid therapy can be offered on the Black Sea coast in the summer, while in the winter it is possible to combine ski sports & spa with hot mineral waters in the spa resorts located in the mountains.


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