Post-corona treatments

Our members were the first to react and begin delivering solutions for Covid-19 treatment. Treating patients infected with the virus became a top priority in balneology. Spa medicine offers a natural solution to reduce symptomps of the infection and is an effective promoter of a healthy imune system.

ESPA represents over 1,400 medical spas and health resorts as well as facilities for treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and health and wellness tourism in Europe.

Did you know?

According to a study amongst 50,000 participants, patients who had to abandon their spa cares during the pandemic declared that their pain and symptoms had worsened (63.5% vs 13.4%) and their ability to perform daily tasks were also significantly reduced as well as their quality of life. On top of that, the patients who had to give up their medical spa stay saw an increase in the number of consultations they had with health professionals (26.5% vs 8.3%) as well as their consumption of medications (30.1% vs 6.5%). Mental health became a central focus and saw the introduction of Long Covid programs, and this demand is growing fast.

Results of the first Virtual Forum about the CORONA RECOVERY CONCEPT

The European Spas Association is proud to present the first Virtual Forum about the CORONA RECOVERY CONCEPT in European medical spas and climate health resorts.

Innovation and good practice cases in rehabilitation for post-COVID-19 patients

The experts at the Forum talked about their experience and results of medical programs in European spa destinations:
  • Dr. Martin Gehlen, Germany, Bad Pyrmont, Director of Rheumatology in Klinik DER FÜRSTENHOF: Rehabilitation for post Covid-19 patients and short presentation of a study on balneology

Presentation: M_Gehlen_BadPyrmont.pdf

  • Margrét Grímsdóttir, Iceland, Heilsustofnun NLFI, Director of Nursing: Treatment of post-Covid patients with chronic fatigue and cardiac illnesses. Utilization and results of balneology and natural remedies in medical rehabilitation

Presentation: M_Grimsdottir_Heilsustofnun.pdf

  • Dr. Janka Zálešáková, Slovakia, Balneologist and ESPA Vice President: the Slovakian rehabilitation program for Corona recovery in medical spas and Obesity prevention program

Presentation: J_.Zalesakova_SlovakSpa.pdf

  • Dr. Olivier Dubois, France, Director of Thermes Saujon, PsychiatristThe role of hydrotherapy in Post-Covid-19 care in Psychology

Presentation: O_Dubois_ThermesSaujon.pdf

  • Dr. Lafi Abu-Sirhan, Germany, Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza, Director of Pulmonology: Rehabilitation of post corona patients – therapy and the role of balneology and climatology in this context.

Additional resources

Further information about Corona Recovery Concepts and offers for patients with long-covid symptoms in ESPA member countries are provided by ITB Now2021 and in the Central European Initiatives Forum.

Case studies