Come and improve your health in the world-class medical centres and clinics at Slovenian natural health resorts. Experienced specialists in various diseases, state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, and rehabilitation experts await you.
Nature and medicine hand in hand Unlike other healthcare institutions, medical treatment in Slovenian natural health resorts is always connected with the use of natural therapeutic factors. These do not only include thermal, thermal-mineral, and mineral drinking water, but also climatic factors at suitable elevations, peat, seawater and brine, salt pan mud, aerosols for inhaling, mud with healing properties, and other mineral peloids. Each therapeutic factor has been thoroughly studied, and their effects have been proven. Specialised doctors and balneologists advise their use according to specific medical needs of the individual. Indications covered All Slovenian natural health resorts are ideal for treating rheumatic conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, and most are also good for treating neurological diseases and neurotic disorders. Many health resorts are known for treating cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, metabolic diseases, and disorders of the kidneys, the urinary tract, and the respiratory organs. Therapeutic approaches Medical and therapeutic massages, special massages, baths, wraps and peeling treatments are used in addition to recognised natural factors, sports exercise, and relaxation activities, so you will be on the right path to preserve your health. They are carried out under expert supervision. Medical wellness to prevent disease Programmes for preventing lifestyle diseases take into account the latest medical findings concerning particular indications. They are based on individualised holistic treatment of guests. They combine modern medicine with natural therapeutic factors and traditional medicine experience. Dedicated programmes All Slovenian health resorts will surprise you with their specific preventive programmes such as anti-stress therapies, anti-ageing programmes, programmes for managers, for mothers-to-be, for a healthy spine, and the like. In many of them, you can choose a slimming or detox programme.


Slovenian Spas Association

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Health resorts
Slovenian Spas Association unites 15 natural and thermal spas, acting under a common name "Slovenian Natural Spas" and acting as a strategically and operationally oriented tourism marketing organization and implements in an effective way the business interests of their members and health tourism product in the Slovenian Spas as a whole.
Natural remedies
The most important are thermal waters of various qualities and temperature (from 32°C to 73°C) and mineral waters such as the world famous Radenska Three Hearts and Donat Mg followed by sea water and brine, organic and inorganic peloids, and finally the Mediterranean, Pannonian, and sub-alpine mountain micro-climates.
Special treatments
The wealth of Slovenia lies in its diversity and our health resorts maintain a special status in Slovenia's health care system. At fifteen Slovenian health and Spa resorts, knowledge, experience, the natural surroundings,.In this harmonious mosaic of health and well-being, everyone finds what they truly desire and need.
Other indications
Springs of Life and Vitality - Because the modern lifestyle has brought many previously unknown problems, Slovenian health resorts applying natural healing measures have developed various new methods of treatment and new programs for the prevention of diseases that take fully into consideration modern scientific research in various fields of medicine. Our health resorts offer not only balneotherapy and physiotherapy services, but also other kinds of modern therapies based on education and learning.


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