The major player in health care and services in Luxembourg is MONDORF Domaine Thermal Complex
Mondorf Domaine Thermal is the ideal setting for a thermal cure comprising modern treatments adapted to your needs, as part of comprehensive care of listening, education and advice. The benefits felt after a cure result from the effects of thermal care treatments and the benefits of rest combined with the therapeutic education provided. MONDORF Domaine Thermal puts its multidisciplinary skills to guide and support the guest in the development of a sustainable Health & Well-being at work strategy.


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Health resorts
The MONDORF Domaine Thermal Complex offers massages, and baths, a fitness pavilion, and a sauna pavilion. All part of a 4-star thermal- and business hotel.
Natural remedies
The MONDORF Domaine Thermal Complex is fed by a strongly mineralized water source flowing at 36°C
Special treatments
Mondorf Spa has developed programmes to improve health and well-being for costumer and for companies as well. Complementary expertise gathered in a single location can be applied for comprehensive, personal care and to facilitate access to a wide range of curative and preventive treatments adapted to each person’s needs.
Other indications
Putting people and health at the heart of your priorities today means investing in the success of your company with employees who are less absent, more efficient and happy to be part of your business plan.The Healthcare @Work programme help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees while giving them the wherewithal to lead a healthier life at the office, but also to raise their awareness to adopt a healthier lifestyle for themselves and for those around them.


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