Italy is a country full of spas and healing waters' springs.
Most of them have been used since the Roman age. Spas in Italy use waters with unique properties and are often located in touristic and harmful places. The network of Italian thermal baths represents an important resource for the health and wellbeing of its citizens as well as for the economy and the territory. There are 380 spas spread over 20 regions and 2 autonomous provinces (177 are in the north (46,7%), 56 in the centre (14,8%) and 146 in the south and islands (38,5%)). They are located in 180 munipalicities and employ over 16,000 workers. This is a resource to be communicated, valorized and promoted, by illustrating the proven scientific value of thermal therapy for one's health and also preventive medicine and for rehabilitation. We must also consider its indirect contributions to the local economy. It creates jobs and acts as a tourist attraction.The popularity of Italian Spa Towns and natural hot springs (terme) is once again rising. Many of the traditional locations have been either building new facilities, or modernizing the still surviving spa palaces of the early 20th century.



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Health resorts
Italy features the largest number of natural thermal spa centres in the world, a dip in these hot springs provides all manner of health benefits but it is also the perfect destination for a wellness break. Spa treatments in Italy are indicated for almost any kind of pathology: respiratory diseases, dermatological diseases, rheumatism, inflammation of the joints, vascular diseases, urinary or gastroenterology disorders etc. but also to treat fractures and muscle tears, in cases of rehabilitation.
Natural remedies
Based on the mineral salts, the thermal waters are distinguished in: Arsenical-ferruginous water Waters with bicarbonate Carbonic water Water with sodium chloride Radioactive water Water with salt, bromine and iodine Sulphate water Sulphurous water
Special treatments
Moreover thermal treatments available as: Balneotherapy, peloid or mud therapy, hydropinotherapy, inhalation treatment and irrigation.
Other indications
Italy is world-known for the rejuvenating effects of its thermal waters.


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