Did you know that 80% of Hungary’s territory has some form of thermal water underground?
Hungary is a popular destination for those looking to improve their health and relax at one of the country's 34 certified health resorts. These resorts offer a range of treatments using the natural healing properties of thermal water, mineral mud, and the local microclimate. The country has 98 certified health spas and 40 accredited health spa hotels, each of which is suitable for treating different health problems. Mineral and thermal waters are most commonly used to treat musculoskeletal disorders, but they are also beneficial for curing dermatological conditions, gynaecological problems, sports injuries, and burnout. Climate and halotherapies are also available in Hungary and are effective treatments for airway inflammation, asthma, chronic colds, and allergic symptoms. The city of Tapolca has the largest cave offering complex health treatments, and carbon dioxide dry bath (mofetta) therapy is available in the Mátra hills. This treatment effectively alleviates the symptoms of cardiovascular problems. In addition to complex healthcare services, health resorts and wellness hotels in Hungary offer physiotherapy services, healthy food options, and a range of special therapies, saunas, massages, and medicinal mud treatments. Hungary is known for its highly trained therapists and quality physiotherapy methods and treatments.


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The different types of mineral and thermal waters vary, some containing alkaline, bromine, radon, sulphates and iron, or in other cases muddy-calcareous, sulphuric or carbonated. These waters are most commonly used to treatment musculoskeletal disorders, but can be hugely effective in treating dermatological, gynaecological problems, sports injuries and burn out.
Natural remedies
Thermal water is classified as being over 30°C at its source and mineral water comprising of over 100 mg/L of minerals. Most water in the country is both thermal and mineral water combined. Climate and other halo therapies are also available in Hungary – highly effective treatments for respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic colds and allergies – and the country boasts 5 healing caves and 2 mofettas.
Special treatments
Hungary is also the birthplace of the underwater traction or weight bath invented by Hungarian rheumatologists, where the body is stretched gently in the water from the neck or shoulders with weights on the feet. At the same time as benefiting from the relaxing heat of the thermal water, the spine gently releases absorbing the healing minerals.
Other indications
Mineral mud, administered in the form of heat packs is also a unique treatment to Hungary. As mud cools down four times slower than water, not only does the it help to reduce pain and inflammation but the healing minerals are absorbed through the skin to have a beneficial effect.


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