Rich culture and a long history of wellness traditions
The spa and wellness culture in Georgia is deeply ingrained in the country's history and traditions. From the use of natural hot springs to the incorporation of herbal remedies, Georgia offers a wide range of options for those looking to improve their health and well-being. The country is home to a number of mineral-rich hot springs, which are believed to have medicinal properties and are used to treat a wide range of ailments. Georgia’s leading health resort is the Sairme Hotels Resort. Sairme lies 950 meters above the sea level hidden in the forested mountains of Baghdati District south of the Caucasus Region. Newly renovated and fully modernized Sairme hotels & Resorts is the winner of the World Travel Awards 2020. First information about Sairme Resort was spread out in the 19th century, when the hunters followed a wounded deer, who stopped near one place where the water was flowing on the rusted stones. There was the salt around it, so the deer started drinking this water and then eating the salt. The name stems exactly from this story, as “Sairme” is translated as a place of a deer. The secret of this magic field was finally uncovered by exploring the natural mineral water under the surface.

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Health resorts
Georgia is home to a thriving spa and wellness industry. The Sairme Hotels Resort (152 rooms with 4-star standard) is renowned for its unique location, ecologically clean environment and natural hot and cold mineral water springs. Four different healing springs and one thermal spring can be found on our 60 hectare green forest area, which can cure many diseases.
Natural remedies
In addition to hot springs, Georgia also has a strong tradition of using herbs and other natural remedies to treat a variety of health conditions. Many of these remedies are based on traditional knowledge and have been passed down through the generations.
Special treatments
The thermal SPA and Wellness at Sairme is equipped with the latest technology. The complex offers different kinds of health oriented services, relaxing treatments and pools with hot springs. Spa Centre also includes a salt room that is best suited to cleanse the respiratory tract and lungs as well as wet and dry saunas.
Other indications
Mineral water at Sairme can cure chronic renal disorders, saline diathesis, as well as prophylactic purposes. It can cure chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis non-exacerbated form, and treatment for prophylactic purposes, as well as diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, and osteochondrosis.


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