Thalasso of the North is a multidisciplinary team that has pooled its skills and know-how in order to strengthen and promote the unique experience of a stay at the Nordic Seas as a source for health and well-being. Sea water, air, climate and other natural local remedies that can be found here, such as mud, chalk or sand have been the basis for unique and sustainable health and wellness offers for more than hundred years. Especially the North Sea and Baltic regions have an old spa tradition. For centuries people have come here to treat their ailments or allergies and to strengthen their immune system. Many destinations at the Danish coasts may have a spa and wellness tradition but only few of them have maintained it and offer competitive services in this area today. Our goal is to help strengthen and promote these unique natural features and to (further) develop and market them as innovative and globally competitive offers within the area of health-oriented holidays. The project Thalasso of the North consciously evokes the spa tradition of the North and Baltic Sea and, at the same time, takes into consideration the expectations of guests in the 21st century. Modern health and wellness oriented tourism disposes of a wide range, from cure-oriented prevention up to modern spa, wellness and fitness offers. Thalasso of the North covers the whole range, while always relying on the special natural conditions that can only be found at the North and Baltic Sea.


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