Czech Republic

Combining traditional medical science with the power of nature
The Czech Republic abounds with incredible natural healing sources, whose effects started to be used to treat and prevent diseases centuries ago. Czech spas, combining traditional medical science with the power of nature, have created a unique and growing part of our national heritage. Today, spas in the Czech Republic enjoy a highly accredited worldwide reputation. Natural resources with healing effects, whether concerning thermal and mineral springs, peloids (i.e., peat, silt and mud), hot-spring gases or climatic conditions, are only found in a few locations in the world. One of these areas is Central Europe, and numerous sites are in the Czech Republic


Czech Curative Spa Association

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Health resorts
The Czech Healing Spa Association (SLL) was established in 1995 as a professional association of spa resorts with the purpose of maintaining and guaranteeing the high healing quality level of spa resorts. Currently, it brings together 42 members, health spas, which account for more than two-thirds of all spa beds in the country. All spas associated in the SLL are accredited spa resorts, including connection to the public health system and therefore, they must meet strict criteria for treatment, meals and accommodation.
Natural remedies
Mineral water is used in Czech spas, depending on its composition, for many purposes - for drinking cures, inhalations, irrigations, and bathing or underwater massages. Peloids are used for wraps, compresses and baths and have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and skin. Gases are used for subcutaneous application for pain relief and the treatment of functional disorders. An essential part of spa treatment is also the climate - beautiful nature, clean air and altitude may have an additional healing effect.
Special treatments
Czech spas offer treatment for a broad spectrum of health problems including back problems, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular disease, gynaecological problems or muscular and skeletal afflictions. Some of the spas are well known for the treatment of children which is quite unique.
Other indications
The majority of Czech spas are built around mineral water sources, which are often used for treatments along with hot-spring gases or peloids. Furthermore, three spas specialize in the treatment and prevention of diseases using rare climatic conditions.


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