10 Myths About Seawater We All Believe

Baths in spas, thalasso cures, nasal hygiene, drinking blisters: seawater has many health benefits. Studies remain rare but the sector wants to revive research. 1. The sea relieves rheumatism True. It is even the oldest recognized virtue of sea bathing. In 1899, Dr. Louis Bagot opened the first thalassotherapy centre in Roscoff, Finistère. He invented the treatment of rheumatism in heated seawater, providing a muscle relaxant and “relaxing”...

Groundbreaking 26th Espa Congress Held In Pieštany

The 26th European Spas Congress took place in Slovakia on the Island of Health in Piestany with 130 participants and 60 hosted buyers and exhibitors at SPA-CE, 24 Innovation Award candidates and with an impressive number, more than 30 international journalists followed the news in health tourism - all segments of the spa business were represented.