ILaB Spa and Balneology Karlovy Vary

Institute of Spa and Balneology
The Institute of Spa and Balneology is a public research institution (ILaB, v.v.i.) established by the Karlovy Vary Region in 2019. The institution aims to renew and develop research activities in all fields of spa and balneology in the Czech Republic. Research activities focus mainly on the three fields: 1. objective effects of spa treatments on the human health, prevention and heathy lifestyle in a wide range of diagnoses with a special impact on chronic diseases and civilization diseases, after care and rehabilitation 2. research into natural healing sources, mineral water and peloids, gases, sustainable and green destinations and healing climate - therapeutic spa landscape 3, and cultural, historical and socio-economic aspects of the spa industry based on socio-economic surveys. For research modern and innovative tools and techniques are used: virtual reality technology, hydrodynamic cavitation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, etc. ILaB continues the tradition of the Czech spa and balneology research after more than 30 years of research absence with the ambition to develop a high-quality research in all fields of current and future spa and balneology.

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