ENSANA Health Spa Hotels

ENSANA is the leading health spa brand in Europe.
The group currently manages 26 spa hotels across Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and has the widest collection of spa hotels located in Europe’s most historic spa towns - renowned for their natural healing resources and restorative properties. Ensana has developed a unique innovative integrative health concept, which combines healing natural resources with medical expertise and modern diagnostic methods, to help guests achieve their personal health goals. Ensana is the only health spa brand that can draw on 200 years of experience in the research and application of natural remedies for medical, rehabilitation and preventative treatments for the health and wellbeing of guests. We are proud that all seven Ensana destinations - in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania - are built in places of exceptionally rich natural resource with a long history of medical expertise that continues to grow in line with our on-going scientific research. Over the decades, these experiences have been confirmed and extended again and again by scientific research!

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