American Balneo Medicine Association

The American Balneo Medicine Association, ABMA, is the professional organization dedicated to the introduction, development and promotion of balneo medicine, balneology and the related medical disciplines in the United States.
The ABMA is designated to lobby for the establishment of balneo medicine as a medical specialty and for the integration of its principles in the modern combined treatment of CDD (chronic degenerative disease). Doctors’ education through our post graduate international programs will change their philosophy and focus enabling them to better care for their patients by utilizing all the means of modern pharma medicine and the balneo medicine together. On the platform of opioids and other drug addiction epidemics, ABMA proposes international campaigns of medical education in detoxification and stress management together with immunological rehabilitation, within the framework offered by balneo medicine. This catastrophic erosion of our society can no longer be ignored, treated in antiquated and ineffective ways by replacing one drug with another, but by integration of all resources including the balneo lifestyle change and other balneo medical components. Our philosophy is that the balneo medicine can be elevated through education and medical specialization to a parallel and completely independent discipline, capable of offering to the pharma medicine the crucial support in fighting the new epidemics of global proportions. As a medical professional association, ABMA proposes to bring progressive minded specialists together, organize specialty training, develop symposia and general public awareness campaigns, and sponsor scientific research as well as lobbying for the recognition of balneo medicine specialty in the USA and on the international level.

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